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Cholesterol insights beyond the diagnosis

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Are you living a heart healthy lifestyle?

There are many contributors to your heart health that may be out of your control, such as your genetics, intolerance to therapies and treatments, or difficulties developing a healthy lifestyle.

Not knowing the risks or benefits of certain medications, how they work in your body, and whether or not your current regimen is meant for you can be frustrating and difficult. It's normal to feel scared, confused or overwhelmed when it comes to dealing with your heart health, but it doesn't have to be. You deserve to be in control! 

A comprehensive, holistic approach to your heart health

From our hearts, to yours.
Doctor's Office

Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation and Management to Prevent Heart Disease

Preventing heart disease is possible, by recognizing your symptoms and risk factors early. We offer an integrated approach to patient care, including:

  • Comprehensive assessment of all cardiovascular risk factors

  • An individualized nutrition plan

  • Lifestyle counseling

  • Risk stratification

At Old Pueblo Advanced Lipidology, we provide you a holistic approach to treatment in order to find a comfortable and effective solution to manage your cardiovascular health and development of healthy lifestyle habits.

How to get started

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